SCR To Cut Its Energy Bill By 80% Using HOG Technology

1 Mar, 2021 12:33 IST|Sakshi Post

South Central Railway is preparing to have huge savings by bringing Head On Generation (HOG) system in trains. HOG system, a technology introduced in trains for catering to power needs like coach lighting and air conditioning. Around 30 trains in the zone have already been converted into HOG technology, which according to officials, could help save Rs 33 crore per annum on fuel bills.

The technology was first introduced on the Hyderabad – New Delhi Telangana Express. The estimated savings for each trip of Telangana Express is approximately Rs 1.22 lakh and the overall estimated savings per year is around Rs 1.35 crore. All the existing Telangana Express trains are now being run with HOG technology. Each power car required 40 litres of diesel per hour per non AC coach and around 65 to 70 litres of diesel per hour in the case of AC coach.

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In order to reduce diesel consumption and carbon footprint, the HOG system has been introduced in trains. The average expenditure incurred on fuel consumption per trip per each train is around Rs 2 lakh. Whereas the electrical energy consumption cost per trip per train in the new system is around Rs 78,000.

Now in this system, the power supply tapped from overhead to the train engine will be distributed to the trailing coaches. The trains which are being run with HOG technology include Charminar Express, Narayanadri Express and Humsafar Express.

As per SCR officials, this system does not require any diesel oil consumption and as such, it will reduce air pollution and also noise pollution. In addition, it also provides uninterrupted illumination in the coaches. On average, it will reduce carbon emission by 700 MT per year per train in regular practice for a train provided with two power cars equipped with diesel alternator sets.

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