Say No To Drugs: Here Is WhatsApp Number To Share Information About Ganja, Marijuana

6 Nov, 2021 10:19 IST|Priyadarshini

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar has instructed the police officials to take strict measures so as to wipe out the illegal cultivation of ganja, usage. He ordered officials to eradicate ganja mafia and urged increased surveillance at the educational institutions, an increase in the number of checkpoints at state borders, and a strengthening of the communication network.

Over the last few days, the police and excise departments are working in coordination and are putting their efforts to make the state a drug-free state.

Every police station in the state has been instructed to carry out raids and searches to find people peddling or consuming ganja. A few days ago, Hyderabad police officials stopped commuters on the road and checked their mobile phones to look for chats related to ganja or other drugs as there were reports of drug addicts forming WhatsApp groups and have been exchanging messages on drugs availability, purchasing, and consuming drugs.

The Rachakonda Police urged the citizens to share any type of information related to Marijuana, Ganja, and other narcotics through WhatsApp or SMS to 9490617111 and further stated that their identity will be kept confidential. Here is the tweet made by Rachakonda Police.

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