Rs 18 Lakh Seized In Huzurabad Bypoll: RTI Report

18 Dec, 2021 11:55 IST|Sakshi Post

A total of Rs 18 lakh have been seized by the authorities in the recently concluded Huzurabad bypolls. This information was revealed through an RTI reply to Forum for Good Governance (FGG).  FGG Secretary M Padmanabha Reddy said that "During the Huzurabad by-elections, large-scale money was distributed to voters. Votes were purchased at the rate of Rs 6,000 per vote. Persons who did not get the money or got fewer amounts resorted to dharnas and rasta rokos, which is a sad reflection of how the elections are conducted. Contesting elections in Telangana is becoming a costly affair. A trend has set in that votes are for sale. Voters are expecting money from all the contesting candidates."

The FGG also made it clear that the money was distributed and votes were purchased by all the political parties. According to the reports, at least Rs. 300 crore was distributed for the purchase of votes by the parties. 

Three cases were booked for bribing the voters and the amount involved was only Rs. 18 lakh. Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana in a statement said that an amount of Rs. 3.5 Crore was seized during the by-elections. FGG demanded that the seized money should be deposited in the court and FIR issued.

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