Rifle Shooters To Cull Wild Pigs In Telangana

12 Feb, 2021 10:21 IST|Sakshi Post

It is informed that Telangana State Forest Department has identified and empanelled 30 rifle shooters for the culling of wild pigs in Telangana.

 This list has been circulated to all the officials of Agriculture, Forests, Horticulture, and Panchayat Raj Departments of the States. Some of the members from the panel of shooters met the Forest Officials in Aranya Bhavan and voiced their concern over the issue of demand for money for the culling of wild pigs. In a written letter addressed to the Prl CCF & Chief Wildlife Warden, Telangana.

They have reiterated that they were ready to take up the culling of wild pigs free of cost and if possible, within 48 hours as and when requested by the Gram Panchayat Sarpanch.  They informed the Forest Officials that they were not a party to the decision wherein a certain shooter has requested money for the culling of wild-pigs in farmer’s fields. 

They informed that they will bear the cost of ammunition, travel to the site of culling, by themselves, and do not accept any remuneration/ Expenditure from the Government. They reiterated that they were willing to take up the culling operation as a Voluntary service to the farmers in Telangana State as per the provisions of the Govt. Order and based on the proceedings issued by the Prl CCF & Chief Wildlife Warden, Telangana, and towards this they handed over the signed letter as well.

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