Queer Carnival In Hyderabad A Success

1 Mar, 2021 17:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Members of the community came together in large numbers for the first time after the pandemic.

Hyderabad: Hundreds of members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, came together for Queer Carnival 2021 at the Phoenix Arena on Sunday.

It is organised by a city-based LGBTQ+ and human rights NGO – Mobbera Foundation.

The programme consisted of over 20 dance and music performances, art displays, a pet adoption fair, a book fair, and even a flash mob by members where everyone celebrated diversity. Bharatanatyam performed by Bengaluru-based Avijit Kundu was a highlight of the event. His performance showcased the beauty of Ardhanareeshwara, emphasizing the non-binary elements of Indian mythology.

Vishwa, one of the core members of the NGO said, it was a much-needed celebration after the long gap, he said, “This event saw everyone come together and we even had performers coming over from Pune and Bengaluru. It has been a long time since the community bonded and reunited. We also ensured that COVID protocols were followed.”

Shravani, an ally said, “Events like this one are a sign of progress as there is total acceptance, without any judgment whatsoever. There is a long way to go ahead but it is imperative that we all come together and take it forward and make the city LGBTQ+ friendly.”

After the recent opposition by the Central Government against same-sex marriages in India, this event was also a platform where members of the community could express themselves. Shane Mils, a transwoman pointed out the same saying, “It caused a lot of pain and disappointment but events like this one give us the strength and unite us for our cause.”

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