Parents Abandoning Kids Can Put Them In Cribs Instead Of Throwing Them In Bins

13 Aug, 2021 11:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana's women's welfare department has come up with a new way to protect newly born children.

Telangana News: Government officials have launched an unprecedented initiative to fight newborns abandoned in garbage dumps and sewers by young moms. No one has yet been charged in such a case, they claim.

Tragic incidents, such as children being tossed in the trash upon birth, continue to occur. As a result, incidents like children crying and dying, or someone discovering them and transferring them to safer locations, have become normal in society. As a result, those children who have survived such trauma are excluded from society as a disgrace to the new society's norms.

The Telangana State Child Welfare Department is looking into the situation. As a consequence, a creative solution has been suggested. The objective was to find parents who were abandoning their children in the trash.

Officials from the Sangareddy District Women and Child Welfare Department have set up provisions for parents to put their children in cribs provided in popular places without facing any legal obstacles.

They claim that if the infants are put in the crib, they will take care of them.

They aim to place children's cribs in all of the district's hospitals if this idea pans out. However, we must wait and watch how many people come out to toss the infants in the trash or near the filthy drains now.

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