Onus on TSPSC to Release Recruitment Calendar, Fill Jobs in Telangana: Dasoju Sravan

1 Jun, 2021 10:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad:  AICC national spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan urged newly appointed TSPSC chairman B Janardhan Reddy to come up with an Annual Recruitment Calendar, as more than 40 lakh unemployed youth are desperately looking towards TSPSC for new job notifications and immediately address the issue of 893 qualified staff nurse candidates who were selected for Staff Nurses Recruitment in an earlier notification issued by TSPSC in 2017, but were denied posting now.

"Congress party welcomes the appointment of Sri B Janardan Reddy as chairman of Telangana State Public Service Commission and congratulates him for heading a prestigious body. But we would also like to remind him at the outset that this is a huge responsibility as more than 40 lakh unemployed youth are desperately looking towards TSPSC for job notifications and the onus is now on the newly appointed TSPSC chairman to fulfill these aspirations. The unemployment problem in Telangana has been so severe that more than 50 unemployed youth committed suicide due to lack of employment opportunities in the past seven years and the COVID-19 pandemic has put even more stress on them.

About seven unemployed youth have committed suicide in the past year alone. The majority of the unemployed youth are in deep distress as they are unable to face their parents, family, friends and unable to get married and settle in life, and leading a miserable life. Unable to cope with these tiring times and unbearable stress, some are committing suicide. As the unemployment issue is going to further aggravate due to COVID-19 second wave, we urge Janardhan Reddy to swiftly jump into action and take up a new recruitment process to save Telangana youth from further agony," said Dr. Dasoju Sravan speaking at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday.

Demanding the TSPSC chairman to devise a comprehensive strategy and an annual recruitment calendar, Dr. Dasoju Sravan highlighted the magnitude of the unemployment problem in Telangana. "It is very unfortunate that TSPSC did not have a chairman for about half a year. During the tenure of the previous chairman, just 35,000 jobs were filled up while there are close to 5 lakh vacancies in Telangana state. While there is a total of 4.91 lakhs of sanctioned government posts in Telangana, Biswal Committee identified 1.91 lakhs of vacancies as only 61% of employees are on rolls in the state. And nearly 1.5 lakhs contract employees are working in the state. With the creation of 33 new districts, 74 new revenue divisions, 593 mandals, and new corporations, there is a need for creating additional 2 lakh new jobs in the Government sector, which means around 5 lakhs jobs can be filled by State Government.

But in the past seven years, there have been no major job notifications from TSPSC like Group I, Group II, and unemployed youth have been frustrated with the callous and negligent attitude of TSPSC. Therefore newly appointed TSPSC chairman Janardhan Reddy should come up with a comprehensive recruitment strategy and announce an annual Recruitment Calendar. An annual job calendar will serve as a guide for the unemployed youth preparing for competitive examinations and will also improve the credibility of TSPSC," spoke Dr. Dasoju Sravan, explaining a large number of vacancies in Telangana and the need for a well planned annual recruitment calendar.

"Compared to many other states, government employees ratio to existing population is low in Telangana. Hence new jobs can be created easily and the unemployment problem can be solved to a certain extent in our state. Even if the entire sanctioned strength is filled, then employees working in the state government, per 1000 population, would be 14 Government employees in Telangana, which is low compared to many other states. Moreover with 39% vacancies, per 1000 population, only 8.5 employees are working, which is detrimental to the very purpose of providing good governance. Therefore Congress party appeals to Janardhan Reddy, who is heading a constitutional body, to be assertive enough, persuade Chief Minister KCR and fill up job vacancies on a war footing and not act as a just puppet in the hands of the TRS Government.

Even TSPSC does not have full strength.  TSPSC chairman must first persuade the State Government to allocate a complete strength of employees that is around 350 as against present 120 members, staff including permanent and contract employees, Without adequate staff, even TSPSC would fail to discharge its duties effectively," stressed Dr. Dasoju Sravan speaking further on the occasion.

Referring to a recent job notification issued by TSPSC for filling up vacancies in PV Narasimha Rao Telangana Veterinary University, Dr. Dasoju Sravan alleged that Telangana Government is conspiring to put upper age limit at 34 years for new job notifications, which will be detrimental to the lives and careers of lakhs of unemployed youth. "In a recent job notification issued by TSPSC for filling up posts in Veterinary University, the upper age limit has been fixed as 34 years. This is a severe blow to lakhs of unemployed youth in Telangana. If TSPSC follows the same rule even in the upcoming notifications then lakhs of youth will be deprived of job opportunities, which is atrocious and inhuman.

Since 2009, Telangana youth preparing for government exams have been put under severe stress. While the Telangana movement kept youth away from competitive examinations, no major job notifications have been taken up even in TRS Government's tenure. As a result, about 11 years of productive life has been wasted of present generation youth who are in their 30s and 40s. What will be the fate of these youth's lakhs if the government puts an upper age limit at 34 years. We demand the Government to do away with this rule and put an upper age limit of 44 years, as it will allow all the youth who have been earnestly waiting for job notifications for the past decade and dedicated all their life to government jobs examinations preparation," demanded Dr. Dasoju Sravan.

Dr. Dasoju Sravan highlighted the plight of 893 staff nurses, who were selected through a TSPSC notification but were denied posts:

Dr. Dasoju Sravan highlighted the plight of 893 staff nurses who were selected through a TSPSC notification issued in 2017 but denied posting. Senior Congress leader raised the issue of staff nurses, as a group of nurses met Dr. Dasoju Sravan at Gandhi Bhavan and urged his support. Bringing the issue to the newly appointed TSPSC chairman Dr. Janardhan Reddy's notice, Dr. Dasoju Sravan highlighted the gross injustice done to these young nurses and urged the TSPSC chairman to immediately address their problem.

"TSPSC issued its notification in 2017 for staff nurses recruitment and the final selection process was completed for 3311 candidates, after following all due processes and even completed web options and certificate verification. However, the appointment letters were issued to only 2418 candidates in April 2021, whereas 893 candidates are waiting from 2017 to be given appointment letters as Staff Nurses in DPH&FW and Vidya Vidhana Parishad. 

The majority of the candidates out of 893, belong to very poor families of SC, ST, BC, and Minority sections, and they are now nearly 34 and 35 years in terms of age and will lose the eligibility for the next TSPSC notification. Most of them are already working as outsourcing nursing staff in various Government Hospitals. These sincere and hardworking nurses have been put to this misery, due to the negligence of TSPSC. Therefore Janardhan Reddy Garu should immediately address their issue and ensure that they get their job postings," appealed Dr. Dasoju Sravan.

"As per Biswal committee report, nearly 25000 sanctioned posts are vacant in the Telangana Health Department, including Medical and Paramedical staff. CM KCR also announced that he will recruit additional 50 thousand candidates immediately to face the challenge of Covid-19 as we are running short of staff in the Government hospitals. Your immediate action in this regard would not only fulfill the legal and ethical obligations of TSPSC but would also partly fulfill the desire of CM KCR to recruit 50 thousand candidates.

To fulfill the legal and ethical obligations, as a Chairman of TSPSC, if you could facilitate to issue appointment orders without any delay to these 893 candidates, it will send a great message to the society that you as a Chairman of TSPSC stand by the needy, who are deprived of legitimate employment and justice. This will also be a major relief to the existing nurses in Government hospitals, who are overburdened with additional work due to shortage of nurses." added Dr. Dasoju Sravan.

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