Nizamabad Farmer Makes Turmeric Harvesting Easy With Innovative Idea

26 Jun, 2021 13:38 IST|Sakshi Post

New farmers are bringing revolutionary changes in agriculture by adding modern methods. As a part of this, a young farmer Gangareddy from Nizamabad district invented a new method for sowing turmeric seeds with modern techniques.

Nizamabad district is famous for turmeric crop as many of the farmers living there grow the crop. But, growing a turmeric crop is labourious and it takes a lot of time to harvest the crop.

Earlier, planting turmeric seeds would be so difficult as there were no machinery or equipment available. The entire process required 8-15 labourers ploughing the land and laying seeds over it. Many farmers found the process tedious had also a financial burden and waste of time.

After extensive research on the problem, Gangareddy came up with an innovative idea two years ago. He did some welding works on the iron rods fixed to his tractor and fit them with plastic PVC pipes. He arranged them in such a way that one can sow seeds automatically with one feet distance.

Gangareddy also set up a stand which can carry four labourers spending around Rs 50,000 for the whole set-up. With this new idea, farmers can sow seeds in just two hours over an acre.

He later reconstructed many tractors and made them available for several villages. Farmers expressed their happiness that earlier, sowing seeds over four acres of land would take more than a week, but now they completed in just one day. They further said that the cost incurred was also reduced to half.

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