Nagarkurnool Parents Blame Niloufer Hospital Hyderabad for Baby's Death

3 Mar, 2022 12:47 IST|L Manisha

The death of a newborn at the city-based Niloufer government children's hospital in Nampally has sparked outrage. 

On February 28, a child was admitted to the hospital from the Nagarkurnool district. The child was born in July of last year and weighed barely one kilogramme at the time. Due to deteriorating health, the parents brought the child to the hospital. However, the child passed away at the hospital.

Although the hospital claimed that the child passed away due to complications in health. The child's parents insisted that their child passed away due to an injection administered by a hospital nurse. 

The victim's parents raised a protest. 

In response to the protest, the hospital's doctor stated that children with less weight would not see organ development and hence they had kept the child on oxygen support from the moment she arrived at their hospital. The doctor said that the child's parents were making false allegations against them because they were traumatized by their child's death. 

Dr Murali Krishna, the hospital's superintendent, stated that 50 per cent of underweight children die shortly after delivery.

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