Mutharam Police Rescue Woman Abandoned by Her Own Children

28 Apr, 2021 15:32 IST|Sakshi Post

Parents raise their children with lots of hope and think that they would be of some support to them in their old age. However, there are cases when children turn against their own parents, disown them while refusing to give shelter to them during their last days.

In a very heart-wrenching incident, an eighty-year-old mother was left unattended by her children. She was not only denied care by her own sons but also thrown out of the house. In her case, police interfered and came to her rescue.

The incident took place in Lakkaram village of Mutharam Mandal in Peddapalli district on Tuesday.

Going into the details, Arelli Rajamma has four sons and three daughters. Rajamma's elder son Bapu and younger son, Saraiah died earlier. Amongst the other two, one of the sons was a retired Singareni employee and living in Nagepalli of Ramagiri Mandal, while the other son, staying in Korutla. Rajamma earlier used to stay alone in a house in Lakkaram village.

She had recently come to stay with her sons after old age set in, but her sons were seeing her as a burden. Though they took turns to take care of her, they taunted and harassed the old lady. After a while, they expressed their unwillingness to take care of her further and abandoned her, and sent her to Lakkaram.

The locals who noticed the old woman informed the police. Upon receiving information, Manthani CI Mahender Reddy, Mutharam SI Narasimha Rao immediately went to Rajamma's home in Lakkaram. They called their sons and counselled them. Rajamma was sent to her second son's home. Police said that if the sons were not willing to take care of the old woman, they were ready to provide shelter for her. 

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