Muslims’ Standard of Living Improved After Telangana Formation: Mahmood Ali

27 Oct, 2021 14:53 IST|L Manisha

Telangana State Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali stated that the living standards of Muslims increased since the formation of Telangana State. He stated that many social initiatives for minorities had been launched during the last seven years. The Home Minister shared these thoughts during a TRS Plenary session at HITEX. He also congratulated Chief Minister KCR for being chosen unopposed as the president of the Telangana Rashtriya Samithi party for the ninth time.

Furthermore, he stated that since Telangana's establishment, KCR has led and ruled the state by implementing welfare schemes for every caste in the state. He added that the state government had sanctioned Rs.1606.39 crores for minorities in the financial year 2021-22, of which Rs.765.31 crores have been issued. He recalled that the state government spent a total of Rs.6644.26 crores in the last seven years of TRS control for the promotion, welfare, and development of minorities, but just Rs.925 crores were sanctioned during the Congress' ten-year mandate.

The Home Minister said that 204 minority residential schools had been developed to promote literacy rates among minorities and 1,14,440 students are studying. The state government has also set aside Rs.12.53 crores as tuition costs for the 500 minority IAS and IPS hopefuls.

He further stated that Rs.389 crores were released for the reimbursement of fees for almost 9,23,704 minority students. Ali said that after the formation of the Telangana State, Urdu language was recognized as the second official language in all the districts of the state.

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