Mulugu MLA Seethakka's Video Post On Malkajgiri Police Harsh Behaviour

3 Jun, 2021 13:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Mulugu MLA Danasari Anasuya popularly known as Seethakka posted a video on her Twitter handle explaining how the police are responding in emergency situations. The video shows the MLA's mother being treated in a hospital in Hyderabad. When her mother was in need of blood, she asked her family members for help. But they were apparently stopped by the Malkajgiri police even after showing that they had taken permission.

While MLA Seethakka tried showing her mother who is in critical condition, she said that  DCP Rakshitha K Murthy did not even listen to her family members even as they tried to explain that they were on an emergency. 

Seethakka alleged that the DCP spoke harshly to them saying that that they were talking rubbish by violating rules. Even as she tried to make a video call and explain to the lady cop she dismissed them and refused to pay heed.

Seethakka said, " If this is the case of an MLA, I can't even imagine the situation of common people who are trying to help critical patients."

The MLA, in the video, told that the police even raised a challan of Rs 1000 for violating rules in lockdown. Aghast over the police behaviour in the pandemic situation, she posted the video and the tweet which has gone viral on social media.

Netizens expressed their anger at the police for not showing concern even though the MLA tried showing her mother's condition.
While some netizens are feeling bad as Seethakka has done some exemplary service in the remote tribal areas of her constituency by helping them with groceries and essential supplies during the pandemic. She has been going by foot and bullock cart to deliver rations to tribals and people are ruing that the Telanagana police treated a woman being an MLA in such an insulting manner.

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