Motor Vehicles Act: Check Rules Related To Registration of Number Plates, Horns, Silencers & Tinted Glasses

27 Mar, 2022 14:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Motor Vehicles Act: Check Rules Related To Registration of Number Plates, Horns, Silencers & Safety Glasses| HYDERABAD

It is known that the City Traffic Police have initiated a special drive against illegal license plate numbers, silencers, horns, dark film on window glasses, etc., in the past week.  There have been several instances involving tampering, fixing of irregular number plates, vehicles plying without license plates, having temporary registration plates even after one month of purchase, fixing modified silencers & horns and adding to the noise pollution, fixing black films on window glasses of cars and affixing stickers on vehicles/on windshields stating their profession, occupation official designation, etc.

During the recent special drive, Hyderabad traffic police booked cases against violators:

  • Number Plate violations - 9,387
  • Noise Pollution - 3,270
  • Black films/Stickers - 4,280

These offences contribute not only to traffic violations but are also considered to be criminal activities. In a bid to create awareness on rules and regulations incorporated in Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, with regards to registration of No Plates, Horns, Silencers & Safety glasses (Wind Shield & Rear window & both sides windows), presenting the rules and regulations related to number plates, registration details horns, etc.


The MV Act (Rule 50, 51 of MV Act, 1989) specifies that the:

a) Unique Number Plate issued by the RTA should be mandatory.

b) Registration letters and numbers shall be in black on white background for 2 wheelers / LMV Cars and Black letter on Yellow background for commercial vehicles.

c) Fancy / Fiber or Plastic lettering is not permitted.

d) Other names, pictures, arts should not be displayed.

e) Registration number should not be tampered, bended or covered by any material.

Registration Marks display on Motor Vehicles

1. The registration mark shall be displayed both at the front and rear of all motor vehicles clearly and legibly.

2. In the case of motorcycles registration numbers in the front shall be displayed parallel to the handlebar on any part of the vehicle such as a mudguard or on a plate in a line.

3. The registration mark on light motor vehicles may be in the center with illumination.

4. Registration number exhibited at the rear of the transport vehicles shall be on the right-hand side at a height not exceeding one meter from ground level as may be reasonably possible.

5. The registration number also be painted on both left and right sides of the body of the vehicle in case of transport vehicles.

6. In the case of stage carriages and contract carriages registration marks also be painted on a partition provided between driver and passengers or on the front left side interior near the roof facing the passengers' seats and in the case of a motor cab or taxi cab shall be painted on the dashboard.

Manner of display of Registered Number on motor vehicles:

1. The letters of the registration mark shall be in English and figures in Arabic numerals.

2. In the case of transport vehicles such as Lorries, Buses, Autos, Maxi cabs. Taxi cabs registration mark shall be in black colour on yellow background.

3. In case of other vehicles such as private cars, scooters, and motorcycles registration mark shall be in black colour on the white background.

4. The registration number shall be exhibited in two lines; the state code (AP) and registering authority code forming the first line and the remaining number in second line, below the first line.

5. The registration mark of all motor vehicles in the front and two-wheelers having no sufficient provision at the rear may be exhibited in single line.

Image Source: Hyderabad Traffic Police Facebook A/c


Central Motor Vehicles Rules-1989 specifies the type of Horms to be fitted.

119. Horns.—(2) No motor vehicle shall be fitted with any multi-toned horn giving a succession of different notes or with any other sound-producing device giving an unduly harsh, shrill, loud, or alarming noise.


Central Motor Vehicle Rule 120 specifies the type of Silencers to be fitted.

(l)Every motor vehicle shall be fitted with a device (silencer) which by means of an expansion chamber or otherwise reduces as far as practicable, the noise that would otherwise be made by the escape of exhaust gases from the engine.

(2)Noise standards.—Every motor vehicle shall be constructed and maintained so as to conform to noise standards specified in Part E of the Schedule VI to the Environment(Protection) Rules, 1986.

4 Dark Film, Tinted Glass Windows :

The orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding the removal of black films from all motor vehicles are implemented in Hyderabad City.  No exemption shall be granted to anybody except for people falling under the security categorization of Z and Z+ categories.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police will be imposing a fine of up to Rs.1000/- under various sections of the M.V. Act for non-compliance with court instructions.

Some clarifications are:

1) It is hereby clarified once again that as per the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, no film of any VLT (Visual Light Transmission) is permitted on the windscreen and on the window glasses.

2) The Car Decor and accessory shop owners were warned about illegally fixing black films by telling the car owners that it is ‘RTA approved’. If proved, strict action will be taken against such shops as per City Police Act provisions.

3) Some car owners are using sun shades and curtains and some high-end cars are having the facility to draw up black screens. As per the Supreme Court order, there should be clear visibility inside the vehicle, any material obstructing that visibility is illegal.

4) It is also clarified that RTC buses, private and tourist buses, school buses which are also having such films pasted on their window screen should also get them removed immediately.

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