Men More Vulnerable to Black Fungus, Finds Study

23 May, 2021 16:09 IST|Sakshi Post

Apart from COVID-19  cases in the state, Black Fungus cases are also rising day by day. People infected with corona are fearing to get admitted into hospitals in case they contract the black fungus. Black Fungus infects patients who have recovered from COVID due to the excessive use of steroids, as a result, which lower the body's immunity to fight germs and sickness.

According to some studies, 80% of patients diagnosed with the fungal infection were men, implying that men are more likely to contract the black fungus than women in the Covid-19 outbreak. The study looked at literature from all over the world on Covid-recovered patients who got mucormycosis and tried to put it into statistical context. It says that for not only recovered patients of COVID-19 but also patients who are suffering from COVID have chances of being infected by black fungus.

The two big hypothetical reasons for the rapid increase in black fungus are pre-existing diabetes and the overuse of steroids to treat Covid-19. In 80% of the cases, pre-existing diabetes mellitus was discovered, and 76.3 percent had received corticosteroid treatment for the coronavirus. At least 5,500 people across the country have been affected by the fungal infection, while more than 125 have died.

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