Mancherial Farmer Protests Against Indifference of Revenue Officials

27 Dec, 2020 09:20 IST|Sakshi Post

A farmer and an MSc graduate vexed up with the careless attitude of revenue officials in registering a small piece of land on his name. Thautam Rajendra Prasad launched a 48-hour hunger strike and wants the revenue officials to do the needful.

His protest went viral on social media platforms. He alleged that the revenue officials of Thandur mandal centre have been harassing him and his father by not making the registration of his land. He further added that the officials have been in the support of other neighbouring farmers who occupied the land by bribing authorities.

Rajendra said that he had bought the land of about 22 acres from Kilari Sudharshan Rao, a Thandur native, but had settled in Chennai since 2010. He asserted that he has been trying a lot to register the land on his name but nothing worked out. He also alleged that nearly 13 acres of land had been encroached by the neighbours.

Thandur MRO D Kavita denied all the allegations made against the officials and claimed that due to the closure of the department's website, the land information found in Part B during land purification was not corrected in the records.

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