COVID Recession Forces Techie To Suicide In Yadadri

22 Sep, 2020 15:03 IST|Sakshi Post

YADADRI (Telangana): The COVID-19 induced job cuts have taken the toll of one more young techie in Telangana. Abhilash, a software professional with a Bengaluru-based IT firm, committed suicide at his residence in Yadadri of Bongir (Bhuvanagiri) district on Tuesday. He slashed his wrist with a knife before hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his house.

Abhilash had been living with his parents in Yadadri since the time the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced across the country. He had also worked from home for his company until recently. To his misfortune, he received a pink slip two days from his organization after the company is believed to have gone in for job cuts as part of cost-cutting measures due to the crippling COVID-19 times. Losing this job all of a sudden came like a bolt from the blue for the hapless young man who struggled to deal with this harsh reality.

Heart-broken, Abhilash resorted to this extreme step at a time when there was no one in the house. As the gash on his body showed, he first slit his wrist with a knife and then hung himself from the ceiling fan.

His parents, on their return, were shattered to see their son’s body dangling from the ceiling in his room. Friends and relatives are finding it difficult to console the grief-stricken parents, who wept incessantly. Everyone who gathered there were moved to tears seeing them crying and rolling on the floor, unable to deal with the quirk of fate that had taken away their son.

The police, who rushed to the spot on being informed, have initiated their customary inquest and preliminary investigation at Abhilash’s house.

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