KTR's Open Letter to Centre on Fuel Prices Hike

7 Apr, 2022 09:01 IST|L Manisha

I am writing this open letter to the Central Government on the hike in petro prices increasing every day. On the one hand, the BJP Government at the Centre is constantly raising prices. But, on the other hand, it is trying to push the blame on state governments. This is blatant lying and totally unacceptable. That is why I am writing this letter to expose the inefficient policies of the Central Government which have inflated petrol rates in an unforeseen manner. 
When he was in opposition, Narendra Modi shed crocodile tears over the sufferings of the poor and the plight of common people. However, he has been ruling the nation, completely ignoring the welfare of the people since he came to power. From the earliest days of Narendra Modi's swearing-in as the Prime Minister, the central government has been making the country's people suffer with its incompetence and inefficient economic policies. The main reason behind my criticism is that petrol rates are rising daily without any control and the prices of essentials are skyrocketing.  

All the reasons cited by the Modi government for not controlling prices are pure lies. BJP leaders are simply narrating stories, such as the problems in the international crude oil supply, the rise in crude oil prices, and the Russia-Ukraine war. But all this is not true. Union ministers who say prices are rising in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and even France are deliberately hiding that the liter petrol rate there is lower than ours. The petro products are still available at cheaper rates in some of our neighboring countries, including  Sri Lanka, which is reeling under the financial crisis.

When the BJP government took office in 2014, the international price of crude oil was about $ 105. After that, due to various reasons, crude oil prices came down to below $ 40 a barrel at one stage. However,  the BJP government has continued to raise petrol prices in the country. 
The increase in excise duty during the Corona crisis is proof of the cruelty and indifference of the Narendra Modi government at the Center against the poor and middle class. The price of a barrel of crude oil fell to less than $ 20 a barrel during the corona crisis. That should have led to a massive reduction in petro rates in our country as well. But the ruthless Modi government, which has forced migrant workers to walk thousands of miles barefoot in the Corona crisis, has raised excise duty by Rs 20 without taking advantage of the reduced prices.

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