KTR Sees Deception in Railway Minister Ashwini's Comment On Kazipet Rly Coach Factory

5 Mar, 2022 21:46 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Minister KT Rama Rao said that the statement of Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw during his visit to Hyderabad yesterday that there is no chance of setting up Kazipet Railway Coach factory which was one of the assurances under the State Bifurcation Act is reprehensible. KTR said that the Centre had shown discrimination regarding ITIR Project, Bayyaram Steel Plant, National status to the Irrigation projects, etc., which were promised under the State Bifurcation Act and Union Minister’s Ashwini Vaishnaw's statement on Kazipet railway Coach Factory was nothing but an extension of the discrimination policy of the Centre on Telangana State. 

The Centre had evaded its responsibility on setting up the Railway Coach factory and it is a death blow to the Telangana interests and outright cheating of the Telangana people. He said that this is a classic example of how the BJP ruled government at the Centre is acting against the interests of the Telangana state since the formation of the new State. 

KTR expressed his anguish that the assurance of the Kazipet Railway Coach factory, which was given Constitutionally on the floor of the Parliament, is not being fulfilled due to the anti-Telangana policies of the Central government. Several memoranda were given to the Centre requesting it to grant the setting up of the Railway Coach Factory in Kazipet and the state government had acquired 150 acres for the project and handed it over to the Centre. The Minister said it was unfortunate that the Centre did not respond positively despite several requests made by the CM, Ministers and MPs to the Centre.

KTR said that while ignoring the assurance given under the AP State Bifurcation Act 2014 about the Kazipet Railway Coach factory, and its statement in 2017 that there was no need to set up any Railway Coach factories in the country, the Centre in 2018, due to its political interests, had announced setting up of Marathwada Railway Coach factory in Latur in Maharashtra. This alone exposed the double standards of the Centre. PM Narendra Modi by dumping the assurance of the Kazipet Coach Factory given on the floor of the parliament showed his utter contempt against the development in Telangana state and his conspiracy against the people in the State. The injustice being meted out by the Centre on Kazipet Coach Factory will render injustice to the Telangana state, especially to those unemployed youth in Warangal Region who are eagerly waiting for the jobs and its like taking away employment from their hands.

KTR said people in Telangana State would definitely reject and kick the policies of cheating by the BJP government at the Centre. He demanded that all the assurances given by the Centre, as a Constitutional obligation, should be fulfilled forthwith. He said a movement would be launched against the Centre till it clears the setting up of the Kazipet Railway Coach Factory and the government would fight on behalf of the people. The BJP minister and MPs, leaders should answer on the double standards of their party in Telangana State if they still have any sense prevailing in them. Or else, the Telangana people would chase the BJP leaders away.

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