KTR Launches Telangana's 2nd ICT Policy 2021

16 Sep, 2021 14:42 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Telangana  IT and Industries Miniter KT Rama Rao launched the State’s second IT policy on Thursday here. Thefirst one  was launched in 2016 after the State came into being in 2014. The new IT policy will focus on digital empowerment of citizens, innovation and entrepreneurship, and taking the innovation ecosystem to global levels.

Speaking on the occasion KTR stated that the the GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) during 2020-21 was Rs. 9.78 lakh Cr. The growth rate fell due to the Covid pandemic by 1.26% at constant prices (2011 - 12) but was significantly better than India's projected GDP contraction at 8%.

The share of Telangana's economy in National GDP has gone up by 26 basis point to 5.0% in 2020-21 against 4.74% in 2019-20 and in 2020-21, the state recorded a per-capita income of Rs.2,27,145 compared to the national average of Rs.1,27,768

Over the last year, Telangana once again boasted a phenomenal growth in the IT/ITeS Sector with an increase of 12.98% in the IT/ITeS Exports over the previous year recording a total of Rs.1,45,522 Crores in IT/ITeS Exports. Telangana has seen more than double the estimated average national growth rate.

When Telangana was still a young state back in 2016, we have decided to announce the 1st ICT Policy to be the set of guiding principles for the ITE&C Department. The ICT Policy 2016-21 has set the strategy for the ITE&C Department and the goals for the growth in technology for Telangana over the five-year period from 2016 – 2021, he said.

The Minister informed that the ITE&C Department was successful at meeting the goals set out in the ICT Policy 2016 and in some cases even performing beyond the set targets. This has also shown a strong positive impact on the citizens, investors, and the government itself, he said.

Over the last five years, the state has passed several milestones in the IT and Electronics sectors, not only in terms of the growth of the industry but also in adaptation for the public:

a. Telangana has seen the highest annual growth rate in IT/ITeS exports in the last 5 years in the country and has created over 2.5 lakh jobs in the IT Sector during this period bringing is several marquee investors.

b. The Electronics Sector saw over 1.5 lakh jobs being created and Telangana is now responsible for the production of 7% of India's Electronics output and is ever growing. We have also recently announced the EV and ESS Policy and have seen high traction in the space.

c. Telangana has developed a robust innovation ecosystem consisting of T-HUB, TSIC, WE-HUB, RICH, TASK, T-WORKS, Emerging Technologies Wing, and IMAGE Center of Excellence. Over 1500 startups have received support in the form of mentorship, incubations and industry connects and have raised 1800+ Cr. In funding over the last 5 years.

d. Over 3 lakh skilled professionals have been created through programs from TASK that have been designed in partnership with the industry. TASK also has one of the highest placement rates in the country for a government-backed skilling program.

e. Over 500 Government services are available electronically over MeeSeva and over 250 are available over phones through T-App Folio. MeeSeva has been exemplary in bringing the government closer and more accessible for the citizens and has inspired other cities and countries.

f. Telangana has made strides in the eGovernance space. Several award-winning smart government initiatives like RTDAI and Digital Verification of beneficiaries have been launched.

g. Several new and growing technologies have been taken up by the Emerging Technologies wing in the state. Over the last 5 years, sectoral policies for Open data, Blockchain, Data analytics, AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud adoption and e- Waste management have been launched.

h. Partnerships with leading global organisations like WEF, UNDP, World Bank have been leveraged to make Telangana a leader in the emerging technology space.

i. Through the Digital Telangana initiative, we have been able to make the digital world more accessible for the citizens of Telangana.

i. Over 3000 public Wi-Fi access points have been established in Hyderabad and is now expanding to other cities.

ii. Over 5 Lakh citizens have been trained to be digitally literate in the state, especially from rural backgrounds.

j. Hyderabad also has been rated as the best city to live in by Mercer for 5 years in a row and as the most dynamic city in the world by JLL.

He said that the citizens of Telangana deserve to get better employment opportunities, better access to technology and overall, a better quality of life that technology can enable.

The digital divide among the citizens from different backgrounds will keep increasing over time unless we step in and act on it. All citizens of the state must be given equal opportunities and support from the government by giving them a level-playing field.

While talking about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic , he said that it was devastating for many , but has also provided us with an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of technology across sectors.

It is important to benchmark ourselves against the world's leading countries in ICT and benefit from their learnings to leapfrog ahead of competing economies in technology, innovation, and investment attraction, he said. KTR stated that the primary objective to achieve with the 2nd ICT Policy is to empower and enable the citizens of the state, belonging to all backgrounds while take advantage of the growing digital world

A brief on the key initiatives of the new Telangana ICT Policy 2.0.

a. The government will make citizens familiar with digital opportunities and ensure that citizens are in a position to take advantage of technology in their day-to-day lives.

b. The government will continuously improve the service delivery mechanisms and public interaction through technology and enhanced digital skills.

c. Telangana will be transformed to be the first-choice destination for startups and investors, and the government will promote impact-driven solutions.

d. The state will facilitate investments and create jobs in the IT, Product, Engineering and R&D fields to emerge as the leader in this


9. Several initiatives and the implementation mechanisms for them have been identified and incorporated into the policy to achieve the goals set.

a. A truly contactless, paperless, and presenceless  government will be created with 100% of government services available over the web and mobile applications except in cases that mandate physical presence, like driving license tests.

b. The government will ensure that at least one individual in each household and Self-Help Group is digitally literate and is given access to take advantage of the digital ecosystem.

c. Over 12,000 Digital Telangana Centres will be set up at the Panchayat level to provide digital services to citizens even in remote locations.

d. Basic Artificial Intelligence training will be provided for all technology graduates to be prepared for the next wave of employment creation in the new technologies.

e. The state will set up a start-up fund worth Rs.1300 crores and a government investment committee with a goal to support over 8000 start-ups and making Telangana the top choice for start-ups in the country.

f. Telangana will develop its IT/ITeS sector to reach over Rs.3 Lakh crores in IT exports over the next five years and will reach over 10 Lakh employees in the IT Sector.

g. Over 50,000 jobs shall be generated in the IT/ITeS sector in Tier II and Tier III cities in the state establishing them as IT Hubs of the


h. There will be special focus on Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage Systems, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices and Automobile sectors and we will attract over Rs.75,000 Crores in investment and over 3 Lakh jobs in the electronics sector.

i. The Telangana Emerging Technologies Corridor shall be launched as a "Hub for CoEs or Technology Centers" and will be a platform

for providing institutional support, thought leadership, promoting R&D and innovation in the latest trends in technology.

j. Telangana will be established as the leader in Technology-based Governing through the creation of the Data Stack, a data analysis wing and promotion of ethical usage of emerging technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain in government services.

k. The government will use its patented and home-grown technology solutions to support businesses, MSMEs and other states in the country.

l. A dedicated Smart Cities wing will be created in collaboration with the MA&UD Department with an aim to create over 40 smart regions in the state benchmarking with the best smart cities in the world.

Click here for the Telangana ICT Policy 2021

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