Kodanda Says TRS Collecting Graduate Certificates Of Voters

1 Oct, 2020 09:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana Jana Samithi leader and former convener of the Telangana Joint Action Committee Prof Kodandaram accused the TRS of resorting to unfair practices to win the MLC graduate constituency elections. He said the people would reject such devious moves and would defeat the TRS.

Prof. Kodandaram said that the TRS leaders were going round the rural areas to collect the graduation certificates of the voters as a guarantee to vote for the TRS candidate. These certificates will be given back only after confirming that they had voted for them. If they were found to have not voted after taking the money, they would be asked to repay the amount, only after which the papers would be returned. The TJS chief said that this was an illegal practice and wanted action against such practice.

He also asked the candidates of the other parties not to put up any candidate against him and extend their support so that he could enter the legislative council. This government needs a strong voice that counters them, he said and added that throughout the history, the meek looking weak people had emerged stronger against the powerful people. 

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