Kite Manja Slits Youngster's Throat in Hyderabad

18 Jan, 2022 10:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Aayan, a 22-year-old patient, was in critical condition after a serious cut in his neck caused by a kite Manja (thread). On Sunday, cardiovascular specialists at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderguda were able to save his life with significant surgery.

When Aayan was taken to the hospital's emergency room, he was dripping blood from his neck. Despite being in a life-threatening situation, the cardiovascular surgical team at Apollo was able to save his life.

Without wasting any time, he was hurried to the operating room. He was pale and had an excessively fast heart rate, but his blood pressure was normal. The external jugular, thyroid gland, and neck muscles were all severed as a result of the severe injury.

The windpipe was also cut, but the lesion did not extend too far into the airway. Given his serious internal injuries, any delay in his arrival and the surgery's completion would have been catastrophic.

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Dr K Venkat Reddy, Senior Consultant and Chief Cardiac Surgeon, and a team of expert surgeons swiftly sutured the vessels and stopped the significant bleeding. Later, the neck muscles were approximated, which assisted in the patient's stabilisation. The patient's skin and subcutaneous tissues were approximated, and he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Since then, Ayaan has recovered and is now aware, lucid, hemodynamically stable, and on a soft diet in the ICU.

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