Khammam NPDCL Employees Hit Hard by COVID

5 Jun, 2021 17:49 IST|Sakshi Post

Nearly a quarter of the 1,656 Northern Power Distribution Corporation Ltd employees in the united Khammam area have tested positive for Covid19. Employees are tense and frightened. Covid-19's rapid spread in the second wave had a greater impact on staff in the meter-reading department. The epidemic affected 342 employees, and four people died as a result.

The district power department employs 1,002 people. 192 of them tested positive, and two of them died. About 150 employees in the Bhadradri district were affected, out of a total of 650.

Around 75% of the meter-reading labor comes from outsourcing companies, while 25% comes from the electrical department. Due to a rapid spread of the virus in the second wave, outsourcing personnel is unable to perform meter readings.

In response to this, the electricity department launched a self-billing app and encouraged people to download it. Customers can read their meters and pay their bills online using the App. However, the App did not produce the desired effects.

Unseasonal gales in Khammam district, on the other hand, compelled field personnel such as artisans, linemen, substation operators, assistant engineers, and deputy engineers to go to the villages to rebuild electricity lines and burnt transformers.

Lineman Srinivasa Rao warned that when restoring the transformers, these workers will come into contact with casual laborers, and there is a chance that they will get the virus.

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More personnel in the meter-reading department were infected, according to United Electricity Employees Union Secretary Prasad. He encouraged the government to acknowledge them as frontline troops and to provide vaccinations to staff on a first-come, first-served basis.

Despite the fact that electrical authorities filed letters to the collector and DMHO of two districts requesting that they be vaccinated as soon as possible, the process has yet to begin.

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