KCR Plays Safe Game In Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Election

13 Sep, 2020 09:50 IST|Sakshi Post

It’s not for nothing that the people call KCR a political Machiavelli. He has quick silver political thinking and he decisions are cool, calculated and masterly. Sonia Gandhi understood this very recently.

The Rajya Sabha would soon see an election for the post of the deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha. In the Rajya Sabha, the BJP does not have an absolute majority and has to depend on parties like the TRS, YSRCP and the Biju Janata Dal. To weaken these friendly parties, the Congress Party offered to the TRS that if the TRS puts up its candidate, the Congress and its allies would support  him. This would mean that the TRS will have the deputy chairperson’s post.

While this looks fine on paper, there is a hitch. This will bring KCR and his party TRS in the BJP’s crosshairs. The BJP would begin to target and torment the TRS. So, a clever KCR quickly decided not to take the offer. Instead, he said his party has just seven MPs in Rajya Sabha and would not be in a position to play a major role. Thus, he clearly escaped from an unseemly position where he would be pitted against the BJP.

While BJP has decided to make Harivamshrai as its candidate, the Congress has decided to put up Manoranjan Jha as its candidate. The TRS with its seven MPs, can play a crucial role in the election. But, for now, KCR appears to have decided to play neutral and play safe.

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