KCR To Meet Retired IAS Officers To Discuss National Issues

28 Apr, 2022 12:11 IST|Sakshi Post

TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that he will meet retired IAS officers to discuss national issues soon. He said, "All efforts will be made to study the situation thoroughly and come up with an alternative agenda. We will also go into the structural changes and reforms that need to be introduced."

In the TRS plenary, KCR spoke about the failures of the BJP government at the centre. He also questioned why China was progressing so fast. He asserted, "If our policies are better than China’s, we should be ahead of the Communist country. What we need now is disruptive politics that will facilitate rapid growth and development."

KCR also gave an example of Singapore which didn't have any resources but owns a successful economy. He said, "Lakshadweep in India has the cleanest beaches in the world but people are not aware of these things."

KCR reacted to PM's advice to states to reduce VAT on fuel. He said, "This was supposed to be a video conference on the Covid situation but Modi started talking about taxes. It was a drama conference. Should the Prime Minister be speaking about these issues (State reducing VAT)? It is the BJP government which has been hiking taxes and cess on petroleum products while Telangana only rounded off the decimals once."

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