Jagtial Worker in Saudi Jailed and Deported for Social Media Post Seeking Help to Return Home

23 Jan, 2022 10:43 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana NRI was arrested by Saudi Arabia police and faced a jail sentence for sharing a selfie video on social media. Surender Nagavat Naik, a tribal youth from Raikal Mandal in Jagtial district was working as a driver for a family in the industrial town of Jubail in Saudi Arabia. He joined the duty, two years ago. Surender wanted to return home after his two-year work contract ended, but his employer didn't arrange to travel back home. Surender, enraged by the delay, recorded a selfie video in which he detailed his ordeal and appealed for help to return home.

The employer got angry after seeing Surender's video and reported to the police, who then arrested Surender. He was later sentenced to four months in jail for maligning his employer's reputation. He was found guilty of misusing social media and watching pornographic content on his phone. The judge also ordered that his phone be taken away and deport him after completing the sentence.

Surender approached Rajesh and Yaseen, two Indian community workers in the city, who appealed to higher authorities for mercy. Indian Embassy in Riyadh helped them and it resulted in a positive response, and Surender's sentence was reduced and he was recently repatriated.

Telangana Chief Minister’s office offered Rs two lakh as special finance assistance to Surender's family through local MLA Dr. K. Sanjay Kumar.

Many other NRI workers have landed in trouble in Saudi Arabia for posting or sharing social media messages without knowing the consequences or legal implications. In some cases, people don't even remember which post they shared.

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