Hydrogen Gas Leak From Telangana's KTPS Plant Causes Scare

11 Aug, 2020 08:58 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Hydrogen gas leaked in the 9th unit turbo generator of Kothagudem Thermal Power Plant (KTPS) Phase 5 factory in Bhadradri district on Tuesday, August 11. However, due to timely action of staff, no casualties were reported.

The plant management had taken up Renovation and Modernization (R&M) works in KTPS plant in Paloncha in Bhadradri district of Telangana with Rs 100 crore in the ninth unit with a capacity of 250 MW.

Ten units in KTPS are generating electricity, which is the headquarter of the state of Telangana in power production. Thousands of staff work here in shifts. KTPS has been under repair for the past two months and the poisonous gas leaked there.

Renovation works began in the first week of last June and now was in its final stages. The KTPS  management has been undertaking synchronization works from Monday. It is reported that Hydrogen (H2) is sent to the generator to reduce the temperature which is generated during the production of steam. In the process, hydrogen leaked near the gas pipeline.

Engineers, employees and other workers ran from the workplace as hydrogen was capable of exploding in a gallon. However, some engineers and employees acted vigilantly and alerted the fire engines. They bravely sent carbon dioxide from the hydrogen leak and prevented the accident.

Some employees identified the gas leakage point and had sealed the area where the gas is getting leaked from the pipeline. The employees had made use of all fire engines and other fire safety equipment in the factory during this process. Authorities said that the excessive leakage of the Hydrogen gas into the air could have caused the factory to collapse along with property damage, many people might have died, if the employees didn't control the leakage of gas.

Speaking about the gas leak, K Ravindra Kumar, chief engineer said that timely detection of hydrogen leakage averted a major accident and the crew was tactful and was able to get out without any damage. He appreciated the staff  for their timely effort. Kumar said that there was some delay in the works due to the COVID-19 and power production will be started by Tuesday evening.

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