Hyderabad Doctors Remove Cricket Ball Size Brain Tumour

9 Jun, 2020 10:05 IST|Sakshi Post
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HYDERABAD: Doctors of Hyderabad's Continental Hospital on Monday said that they have performed a complex surgery and successfully removed a tumour which was found to be more than the size of a cricket ball from the brain of a 50-year-old person from Odisha.

According to reports, a team of surgeons from the private hospital has performed the surgery for seven hours to remove 6x6x5 cm tumour from the right side of the brain. Doctors had performed the surgery on June 3 on the Odisha man and discharged the patient within 72 hours of doing the surgery.

Doctors said that the tumour has been formed on the perito occipital area and it was too large. But still, the patient did not witness any of the symptoms of the tumour cell. One day some of his family members had noticed that patient was drifting towards the right while walking.

The patient was brought to the Continental Hospital from Odisha for surgery after a medical checkup in one of the local hospitals confirmed the presence of the tumour on the right side of the brain.

Continental Hospital consultant neuro spine surgeon Dr Rajasekhar Reddy K, who led a team of expert doctors in the surgery, said that the tumour was large and was formed at a place where performing surgery was a risk and quite challenging.
Doctors after admitting the patient had conducted a  biopsy on the tumour to assess the reason behind the formation of the tumour. In the biopsy, doctors found that this tumour is not fatal and it can be removed through surgery and there is a chance of saving the patient's life.

Reddy said that there are so many advanced techniques in the medical field to save the lives of patients by detecting and treating tumours.

 Speaking about the brain tumours, Dr Rahul Medakkar, CEO of Continental Hospitals, said their hospital can effectively treat and cure even the most complicated cases of brain tumour.

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