Hyderabadis, Look Out For Mufti Police In Plainclothes

10 Aug, 2022 12:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Mufti police can be anywhere around you, think twice before you decide to make a wrong move. All eyes are on you.

Yes, you read that right! Earlier, mufti police meant they would be in khaki and look similar to the police so people can recognise them easily and escape from the place. 

But now, Hyderabad city police have changed their strategy. The police in mufti will wear plain clothes like the general public and roam around the city anywhere, at any time. 

They have been spotted seen in most crowded areas like any events, processions, party meetings or huge gatherings. 

Few of the mufti police are placed at the Police command and control centre to keep a close watch on the happenings.

During bonalu celebrations too, a few policemen went in mufti to maintain law and order situation. 

At yesterday's Bibi ka Alam procession, there were a few policemen dressed in plain clothes at the procession. 

A senior police official from Hyderabad explained that the ‘Mufti’ cops play an important role. Special teams of civil police are now deployed for public meetings, processions and big gatherings. “Special emphasis is given on the clothes of the mufti police team to con the public,” he added.

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