Hyderabad: Two Ambulances Stopped For VIP Convoy To Pass

25 Jul, 2021 11:40 IST|Sakshi Post
Screen grab from the video

HYDERABAD: Vehicles were stalled by city traffic police in Masab Tank, and in the process, two ambulances that were in emergency duty were held up in the jam on Saturday. The video of this incident went viral on social media after users shared posts of this atrocious incident.

As per reports, the traffic was stalled to apparently make way for a VIP convoy where the State Home Minister, Mohammed Mahmood Ali, and the State Director General of Police (DGP) were going to participate in the inauguration of the new building of Chandrayangutta police station. As per protocol, the traffic police stopped the vehicles on the busy Masab tank road. Two ambulances were stuck in traffic for over an hour. As the traffic was not clearer for a while, the ambulance staff went to the traffic constable and asked him to make way for the ambulance to move immediately. However, the traffic police manning duty answered in a negligent manner.

There was widespread criticism against the Hyderabad police after seeing the negligent attitude of the cops. Meanwhile, the Home Minister is said to have spoken to the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar over the incident. However, Hyderabad Traffic Police, later, issued a clarification saying the traffic cops manned traffic and had facilitated the movement of the ambulances to the hospital they were going to

There have been several instances where ambulances were stalled in traffic in the name of VIP protocol movement. A fortnight ago an ambulance was stuck near Pragathi Bhavan as vehicles stopped for more than half-hour after a meeting ended in the CM Camp Office and Ministers's vehicles were exiting the building.

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