Sumedha's Death: GHMC Officials Suspect Foul Play!

22 Sep, 2020 10:06 IST|Sakshi Post

A case has been filed by the parents of Sumedha Kapuria, a twelve-year-old girl, who lost her life after falling into a drainage stream against Minister for Urban Development KT Rama Rao, GHMC Bontu Ram Mohan, GHMC commissioner, zonal commissioner, local corporator, and other officials. The girl was found dead in a lake last Friday. The incident took place in the Neredmet area of Hyderabad.

Stun by a complaint registered against minister KTR by the parents of Sumedha Kapuria, the GHMC has now swung into action. The officials of GHMC have strongly reverted the complaints of family members of Sumedha and also expressed suspicions of possible foul play. They said that there was no way that the girl could have drowned in the canal and washed away. They further added that on the day of the incident, the water in the canal was only four feet deep and raised a question that how could the girl be washed away to the far-off Banda Cheruvu lake?

They also raised questions that the body might have had external injuries if the girl had been swept away but there were no indications of any injuries. The police investigation is underway and they are trying to reconstruct what happened and are investigating the case from various possible angles, including kidnapping.

GHMC officials said that they are ready to pay exgratia to the family if the police investigation reveals that the GHMC was at fault.

Addressing the media, Congress spokesperson Sravan said that, "It is quite sad to see that the life of a young girl has been lost due to the GHMC's absolute incompetence. Municipal Affairs Minister KT Rama Rao, who claims that by spending Rs 60,000 crore, the TRS government has built Hyderabad city, has not even visited the girl's family and has not even inquired about the incident." The Congress Party appreciates Sumedha's parents' determination and party will stand by them and fight for justice for Sumedha.

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