Hyderabad: Ganja Seized From Young Boys in Bowenpally

14 Mar, 2022 14:21 IST|L Manisha

The Bowenpally police arrested four people on Saturday as they attempted to buy 1200 grammes of ganja. According to a police report, six people were first identified on the Military Dairy farm road. The Bowenpally police patrolled the area after getting information and found the accused under suspicious circumstances.

When the police attempted to catch the suspects, they split up and escaped. The police followed the suspect and arrested four others involved in the transaction, one of whom was a minor. The remaining two suspects have yet to be caught. They were then brought before the court. Yapa Naveen, Manshi, and Manekar Madan were found to be repeat offenders who had previously been caught for ganja transport. To avoid getting arrested, they would invite their customers to meet them at various locations. Customers would buy from them to sell them to other people to increase their illegal earnings.

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