Hyderabad: Delta Variant in 90pc of COVID Cases in Private Hospitals

13 Jul, 2021 12:37 IST|Sakshi Post

The risk of Delta Variant spread has increased. This variant of Covid19 is spreading rapidly and medical experts are now worried that this might lead to an early coming of the third wave. Talking about Telangana and Hyderabad mainly, it was said that more than 90 percent of the currently active cases in the state are of the Delta variant.

Covid19 cases of the Delta Variant are currently active in Hyderabad’s private hospitals but in general, there is a decline in the overall number of cases. With vaccination, people are building immunity against the virus. The spread has gone down now but few cases are still active now.

The state government is conducting tests daily. More than 1 lakh tests are being done every day and fortunately, the number of tests turning out to be positive is relatively less. With this fall in the positivity rate, the state is doing well. As of now, the medical experts are keeping an eye out, in case other variants are found.

Now the focus is on the virus types Kappa and Lambda which have baffled the medical teams. World Health Organization (WHO) termed these types as ‘variants of interest’ in April and June. There have been various reports of this variant and concerns of rapid spread. It is said that these variants mutate as well and that is more concerning.

Talking about India overall, the cases initially were less but they increased during May and June, and also the shortage in vaccines made citizens vulnerable.

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