Hyderabad: Curfew Kills Ramzan Night Bazaar Business In Old City

24 Apr, 2021 12:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Coronavirus has badly impacted many businesses because of the restrictions imposed on public activities. Moreover, even shops in Old City during the Ramzan season have been badly hit, particularly during this holy month of Ramzan due to the imposition of night curfew. The curfew will hurt their earnings as it is during this time of the year that a lot of business usually happens, thanks to the popularity of Charminar night bazaar during ramzan. 

“In the month of Ramzan, Old City people prefer to shop in the night. Usually, in this season, Muslims would come out at night and shop with all the family members. They avoid shopping in the day time as they are fasting. They venture out usually after the Taraweeh prayers,” a vendor said.

As Muslim women are busy during the day with preparations for the Iftar and dinner meals, they prefer shopping at night. “Muslims deck their homes with new furniture and accessories for the Eid and spend more on home décor, buying a lot of things from carpets to kitchen appliances apart from clothes and shoes. The night curfew has stopped people from shopping,” they say.

A textile trader told an English daily, “With many people remaining tight at home for fear of the pandemic, we doubt any good business will happen this season. With the imposition of night curfew, the situation has further worsened.”

Mohammed Suhail, a vendor from Lad Bazaar told a newspaper that the peak shopping season normally starts in the middle of Ramzan. “This is an enormous opportunity for the bangles businessmen to woo shoppers by offering affordable, unique and fresh stock. However, the situation of this Ramzan could be worse than that of the previous year due to the night curfew.”

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