Hyderabad Cops Have Asked Google to Remove Fake Loan Apps

2 Jul, 2022 10:10 IST|L Manisha

The Hyderabad Cybercrime Police have written to Google again to remove 221 illegal online loan apps from the Google Play Store. Following several complaints of harassment by online loan apps and cheating, the cybercrime social media team identified several fake online loan apps, particularly on the Google Play Store. "The organisers and fraudsters are creating such illegal and fake apps and placing them on the Play Store, which is downloaded by people thinking that it is a genuine app," said a senior official. 

The police briefed Google two days ago about these apps and listed the reasons why they should be taken from the medium. "Earlier, we had identified some illegal and fake loan apps which were not as per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines and requested Google to take them down. We will continue to identify such apps and bring them to the notice of Google management," the official said. 

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