How Newly Married Khammam Man Plotted To Kill Wife And Be With His Lover?

7 Feb, 2021 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

The mystery surrounding the murder case of a newlywed which created a sensation in Khammam district has reached a climax. Two months into the marriage and a husband killing his wife is a cause for concern. During the police investigation, the husband has finally said to have admitted to the truth. The husband first complained to the police that his wife had gone missing and had not returned home from college.

However, the police, who started the investigation, had suspicions over his behavior at every step. Based on a video recorded on CCTV cameras, he confessed to the truth after the arrest. He revealed that he had killed his wife. He also revealed the reason for that during the police investigation.

Naga Sheshu Reddy of Ayyavariguden, Errupalem Mandal, Khammam district was married to his nearest Navya Reddy two months ago. Naga Sheshu Reddy was working in Pune. Navya was studying B.Tech second year at Sai Spoorti Engineering College in Gangaram village, Sattupalli.

The husband lodged a complaint at the Errupalem police station that he had not seen his wife. The police later found Navya Reddy's body at a dog mound on the outskirts of Kottalanka Palli village in Penubally zone. Police launched an investigation into the movements of Navya's husband Naga Sheshu Reddy.

The real issue came to light when Naga Sheshu Reddy was arrested and interrogated based on CCTV footage recorded in Kuppenakuntla village in Penubally zone. On Wednesday night, Navya Reddy was brought on a bike, given sedatives at a dog kennel and then hanged with a chunni. To make it look like a suicide, he texted her father from her cell phone.

Reddy is said to have texted his father-in-law from his wife's phone that she was dying of depression as she had a backlog of subjects in her BTech course. Nagashesh Reddy admitted that he had killed her himself during the police investigation and the case was registered as a missing person case. The accused was arrested on Saturday and remanded in custody.

It has emerged that Nagasheshureddy was in an extramarital affair. He was in a relationship with a 20-year-old woman for over a year. She was also studying second year BTech. Nagasheshureddy married Navya two months ago despite having an affair with another girl. Navya Reddy is said to have learnt about his illicit relationship and asked him to cut off ties with the girl. 

However, Nagashesh Reddy was reluctant to call off his love affair. That is when he is said to have decided to get rid of his wife who was in  their way so he could live happily with his girlfriend. He plotted to kill his wife But he was caught after cross-examination at the case trial. However, on the day Navyareddy's body was found, his girlfriend also committed suicide.

On knowing about Navya Reddy's body being found, she is said to have barged into Nagasheshu's house and questioned him about the case. Nagasheshureddy's girlfriend's phone was seized as part of the investigation. The police is said to have asked her to be available for further inquiries if necessary. Shortly afterwards, she committed suicide on a railway track near the village of Pegallapada. Nagasheshureddy, who killed his wife also lost his girlfriend.

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