Hanamkonda mountaineer Scales Mt Elbrus on Independence Day

16 Aug, 2021 13:32 IST|Sakshi Post

Young mountaineer Akhil Rasamalla from Warangal along with five other Indians scaled Mount Elbrus, the highest European mountain on Sunday and celebrated 75th Independence Day bringing joy to his relatives and friends back home

Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano situated in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains, rising up to 5,642 m (18,510 ft) above sea level, and it stands in Southern Russia.

Akhil Rasamalla said he started his journey to trek the mountain on August 9 at around 1 pm and reached the peak point on August 15 at 8.30 am despite the heavy wind, freezing temperatures and snowfall. He further added that the temperatures hovered between -25 to -30 degrees Celsius during their journey.

Akhil has already conquered Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Panja Chilla in Nepal. He thanked his adventure guide Chatur Tamang from Kathmandu for guiding him to achieve his goal. We will come down by Monday afternoon, he added.

Akhil, who hails from Hanamkonda went on the adventure trip under the guidance of Transcend Adventures of Hyderabad. Warangal West MLA Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, who helped him financially to go on the trip, expressed happiness on his achievement.

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