Khairatabad Ganesh To Receive 100 Kg Tapeswaram Laddu

22 Aug, 2020 11:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The Khairatabad Ganesh received Tapeswaram laddu weighing about 100 kgs from Suruchi Foods. Polishetty Malle Babu, the donor and sweet maker of Tapeswaram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh has sent the laddu to Khairatabad Ganesh. The tradition of donating laddu to
Khairatabad Ganesh by Malle Babu started in 2010. Ten days before the start of festivities, Malle Babu and his staff wearing traditional attire prepare laddu in Tapeswaram. Special care has been taken to transport the laddu.  

In 2010, Malle Babu donated a laddu weighing about 500kg and the makers of laddu increased the weight in the subsequent years. The weight of laddu is based on the height of the idol. In 2011, laddu weighed about 2,400 kg and in 2012 it was 3,500 kg. The weight of laddu in 2013 was 4,200 kg and it increased to 5,200 kg in 2014. In 2015, the laddu weighed about 6,000 kg. The prasadam will be distributed among the people after the completion of pooja.

In 2016, as per the committee's recommendation, a 500 kg laddu was sent. Malle Babu expressed distress over the organiser's inability to see that the laddu prasadam reaches the devotees. Due to the security reasons, the committee has decided to stop accepting jumbo laddu from Malle Babu but they accepted 25 kg laddu as the gift. This year on the request of Khairatabad Utsav Committee, Malle Babu and his workers prepared a 100 kg laddu. This year a nine foot tall clay idol in Dhanwantari model is set in Khairatabad due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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