Cyber Fraudsters Create Fake WhatsApp Account of Rajanna Sircilla Collector

23 May, 2022 10:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Cyber fraudsters have created a fake WhatsApp account along with the profile picture of the District Collector Anurag Jayanthi. The account was created by using the mobile number 7466905844.

In the past, Cybercriminals used to open fake WhatsApp accounts in the name of commoners and demanded money from their relatives and friends but now they are not even leaving the higher officials. The cybercriminals have opened a fake WhatsApp account in the name of an IAS officer and demanded money from his friends and relatives. One of the district officials who have received a message from the number 7466905844 saying that he wants money, he immediately passed the message to the collector. 

The Rajanna Sircilla Collector informed the people that no one should respond to such messages asking for money. Here is the message from Official Twitter account of Rajanna Sircilla District Collector.

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