Fake COVID Vaccine Shots For Sale!

30 Mar, 2021 15:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Do not fall for fake Covid-19 vaccines. Many people are tempted to skip the line and buy the fake Covid-19 vaccine online. The Interpol and the United States Homeland Security Investigations have joined forces to warn the public against purchasing such Covid-19 vaccines online.

Interpol released a notice in which they stressed that legitimate vaccines were not for sale anywhere in the world, but were being strictly administered and distributed by national healthcare regulators. The criminal groups distributing, producing, and selling fake vaccines are a risk to public health, and that the fake vaccine does not protect you against Covid-19.

According to Interpol, cybercriminals are setting up illegal websites to sell Covid-19 vaccine and these websites are luring customers in the name of Covid-19 vaccine registration. They are even collecting Aadhar, email, and other credentials. Ordering Covid-19 vaccine online will only get you fake products, clarified the Interpol.

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