Etela Vs Gangula Tug Of War In Huzurabad

18 May, 2021 17:24 IST|Sakshi Post

TRS Senior leader Etela Rajender is keeping all his efforts to firm up his plans to take on the ruling TRS party after he was ousted from the pink party. Etela Rajender has a strong hold in his own turf, Huzurabad.

Now, Gangula Kamalakar's focus is on Huzurabad and is making sure that the party cadre don't meet or interact with Rajender. 

A couple of days ago, Etela Rajender termed the meeting of Gangula Kamalakar with the supporters of Etela as, "It is an attack on a herd of sheep by wolf." Etela also released a video in which he said that Gangula Kamalakar was threatening his supporters and asked him to focus on developmental activities and anti-covid measures in his own district.

Etela further added that he has protected his cadre since two decades and now Gangula Kamalakar is trying to separate him from his followers. Ellandakunta sarpanch and some of the public representatives visited Etela Rajender and expressed their support towards the senior TRS leader. 

On the other hand, Huzurabad ZPTC Bakka Reddy, MPP Rani Surender Reddy, Jammikunta MPP Dodai Mamata, Venavanka MPP Renuka Tirupati Reddy and others visited Gangula Kamalakar at his residence. They made it clear that they are going to support Gangula Kamalakar and be with the party. They said that now leaders of Huzurabad constituency can do according to their wish and criticised Etela Rajender. Under the guidance of party senior leader, Pingali Pradeep Reddy, Shanigaram sarpanch Pingali Ravali Ranjit Reddy, deputy sarpanch Mekala Tirupati, senior leader Cheri Pelli Ramchander and other local leaders met Gangula Kamalakar Reddy.

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