Etela Rajender's Wife Slams Allegations of Land Grabbing, Challenges Govt To Prove Claims

31 May, 2021 15:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Etela Jamuna refuted claims that her husband was infringing on the land of backward sections of society.

Telangana: Etela Jamuna, wife of former Telangana health minister Etela Rajender, responded over the claims that her husband was infringing on the lands of the backward sections of the society while referring to the issue surrounding Jamuna Hatcheries. In a press conference held on Sunday, she said, "When my husband has fought for the well-being of the backward classes, why would he grab land from the same poor people?"  

People in the state are both amused and concerned by what the Telangana administration is attempting to show against Etela Rajender and his family, she added. "We do not hold any land apart from what we have bought. I challenge the government to prove the contrary," Jamuna stated.

"Even during Covid pandemic, the government is trying to put the blame of land grabbing on a health minister who worked for the welfare of the people of Telangana," she rued.

Rajender's wife also criticized a publication that claimed her husband took 1,530 acres of property in Devarayamjal without investigating the facts. When the Beverage Corporation asked for a godown in 2007, she stated that her family had built one for them.

The current administration, she claims, is attempting to force them to leave the godown in order to prevent them from receiving funds from it.

"The government has fallen to such depths that I don't have words to describe. We are capable of earning our living. Even if we lose everything, we can work hard and can rebuild everything that we have lost and we are not afraid of all these atrocities happening against us. We have not committed any sin. Plans are being made from the Pragathi Bhawan to create trouble for Etela Rajender," she alleged.

She went on to say that, the Telangana people would give the administration a befitting reply for betraying Etela Rajender when the time comes. She also questioned the presence of so many cops around their house and lands and also the State intelligence officials.

Following press reports claiming his role in alleged land grabbing in Telangana, Etela Rajender was ousted from his role as health minister.

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