Etela Followers in Huzurabad Unhappy With TRS MLC Naradasu Laxman

1 Jun, 2021 16:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana politics turned towards Huzurabad after the former minister Eatala Rajender's land swindle was exposed. Every day, there is a clash between TRS cadres and Etela supporters. To turn Etela Rajender's supporters into TRS, the party leaders are holding a series of meetings. As per the sources, Minister Gangula Kamalakar and Harish Rao had spoken to the Huzurabad leaders.  

The TRS meeting in Korkal village, Veenavanka Mandal, to persuade party cadre not to support Etala Rajender devolved into chaos after supporters of the former Health Minister Etela Rajender objected to MLC Naradasu Laxman Rao's comments.

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“Party is more important than individuals,” Laxman Rao stated at a meeting hosted at the Weavers Cooperative Society Hall. “The party placed a high-value Etela Rajender, and he was offered opportunities to serve the people in many capacities. When his land swindle was exposed, the authorities launched an investigation,” he stated.

Rajender's supporters protested regarding his comments and chanted "Jai Etela" and "Jai Jai Etela," sparking a fight between the two groups of cadre. The local police quickly intervened and escorted Etela's supporters from the gathering place.

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