Election For Mayor, Deputy Mayor Posts In GHMC Council Tomorrow

10 Feb, 2021 13:28 IST|Sakshi Post

The election for Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts in the GHMC Council are going to held on February 11 at 12.30 pm. GHMC Election Officer and Commissioner D.S. Lokesh Kumar explained the procedure of election on Tuesday. He said that members should be at the GHMC Council by 10.45 a.m., bearing an identity card and a notice of the meeting given by GHMC.

The Oath Ceremony will be held in four languages (English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi) for the new members. The full quorum of 97 members shall be compulsory for the voting, which shall be carried out by show of hands. The entire election process will be video-graphed. MLC Srinivas Reddy from TRS, MLC Syed Aminul Jafri from MIM, Niranjan from Congress, and Shankar Yadav and Devara Karnakar from BJP attended the meeting.

Telangana BJP announced that it would contest for the posts. Hyderabad city president and MLC N.Ramchander Rao on Tuesday said that, “We have won 48 seats and the difference between us and TRS is a mere few thousand votes, so we will be putting up our candidates."

In the view of the elections to the offices of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation on Thursday, the Hyderabad traffic police have placed a few restrictions in the surrounding areas of GHMC office.

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