Dolo 650 Sales Create Record in Covid Third Wave

21 Jan, 2022 14:37 IST|L Manisha

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in massive profits for a number of medical pharmacies and healthcare systems.Especially Dolo 650 makers earned a lot from COVID 19 situation. Most of them believe that Dolo 650 will cure all types of infection including COVID 19. After the Covid outbreak, people always kept Dolo 650 stocked up in their house. 

Now, do you know Dolo 650 registered a turnover of 307 crores in 2021. According to the healthcare research firm IQVIA date, India sold around 7.5 crore strips of Dolo — a paracetamol tablet made by Bengaluru-based Micro Labs Ltd — before the Covid outbreak in 2019. 

GSK Pharmaceuticals' Calpol had a revenue of Rs 310 crore last year, while Crocin had a revenue of Rs 23.6 crore. Dolo-650 is essentially a paracetamol medication, said Charu Goel Sachdeva, HOD and Consultant-Internal Medicine at Manipal Dwarka Hospital in New Delhi. From last week #Dolo650 is been trending allover the social media in a meme fest. People are surprised with Dolo 650 sale in 2021. The analysis says that Dolo 650 is the best and most reasonable medicine which can be used to treat COVID 19 patients. 

"Dolo-650 is a sleeper hit: 3.5B pills sold in pandemic, 600 Cr of sales with one drug, used for treating virtually everything, brand name equal to paracetamol, manufacturer Micro Labs doing 2,700 Cr of revenue, Founding Surana family worth $2Bn+," Aviral Bhatnagar, an investor at Venture Highway, said in a tweet on Thursday.

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