Cyberabad Traffic Police To Seize Vehicles Of Bikers Without Helmets

8 Jan, 2021 10:51 IST|Sakshi Post

In a decision that could reduce fatalities and injuries, Hyderabad traffic police have been coming up with new ideas. Police have been issuing challans to two-wheeler owners if they don't wear a helmet but still a few people, despite repeated warnings by police, the bikers are not changing their way and are not wearing helmets.

Cyberabad Police announced that helmets are mandatory for the two-wheelers who are travelling on national highways. If those who don't wear helmets, police would make them buy a new helmet. According to the reports, 63 accidents took place in 2020 and 700 people have been killed in Cyberabad limits. Amongst 700 people, 400 people died due to helmetless driving on two-wheelers. Police say that at least 300 people would have survived if they would have been wearing helmets.

Police are going to seize the vehicles of those who are driving helmetless on Shadnagar - Rajendra Nagar, Suchitra - Medak Commissionerate, Moosapet - ICRISAT, Kadthal - Amangal routes. If the bikers purchase a helmet immediately then the case will not be registered and the vehicle will be given back. Depending on the outcome, this rule will soon be implemented in other routes as well.

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