Cyberabad Police Raid Gambling Den in Gachibowli

23 Jan, 2022 14:42 IST|L Manisha

The Cyberabad cops arrested 12 members who were found gambling at a house in Gachibowli on Friday evening. Police seized Rs 9.2 lakh and playing cards. 

The Cyberabad Police Special Operations Team raided a flat at an apartment in Gachibowli's Greenland colony and found one person, Kakarla Marka Reddy, conducting a Three Cards game by inviting participants. 

He had rented a room in the apartment by paying Rs 6,000 a day for gambling. "For each game, Marka Reddy collected a commission from the participants. "He urged businessmen to join in the gaming," the police said.

The arrested people were handed over to Gachibowli police for further action.

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