COVID-19: Difficult 4 Weeks Ahead, Says Telangana Govt

23 Jul, 2020 19:02 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: At a time when people of Telangana are worried about the rapid rise in coronavirus cases, the Telangana government only added to these fears by predicting a ‘difficult four weeks’ ahead from now. More alarmingly, the state official machinery has announced that the coronavirus pandemic has penetrated into communities in the state.

Speaking to Sakshi TV, Telangana Medical and Health DME Ramesh Reddy sounded enough alarm bells to warn the public that the situation is going to be unprecedented and asked everyone to be extremely cautious. In some relief, however, he refused to categorise this present scenario as ‘community spread’. He said that there is rapid rise in cases in the second-grade cities of the state, suggesting that it is advisible to go for quick and immediate treatment of COVID-19.

In view of the continued rise in the number of coronavirus positive cases, efforts are being made to increase COVID-19 testing in primary health centres. The government will provide all the facilities for this purpose, Ramesh Reddy added.

The DME expressed his frustration at people frequently filing public interest litigations (PIL) in high court, calling it as ‘not a good trend’. There are still 6,500 beds that are vacant in the government hospitals, adding that the COVID-19 treatment is being provided in all district headquarters. He appealed to people against flocking to Hyderabad for treatment except in high emergency cases.

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