COVID-19 Fear: Asthma Patient Abandoned To Death

11 Jun, 2020 15:25 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: In a case of fear overshadowing humanity in the uncertain times of COVID-19, an asthma patient was left to die after he collapsed to the ground and struggled for well over an hour. The heart-wrenching incident, which highlights the coronavirus fear factor among public and also the apathy on the part of medical staff, happened in Chegunta of Medak district in Telangana. More horrifying is the fact that his final hour of struggle and ordeal happened right in front of a government hospital whose staff should have rushed him inside and given him timely treatment.

With the fear of getting infected with COVID-19 clearly taking over, neither the people nor the medical staff came to his rescue in the incident. The deceased was identified as 50-year-old Srinivas Babu, who was intending to travel to Secunderabad from Ramayampet. According to reports, Srinivas Babu got down from an TSRTC bus he was travelling in, near Chegunta government hospital after he suddenly faced difficulty in breathing. He collapsed to the ground and was gasping for breath for well over an hour. With people abandoning him and watching the horror as mute spectators, he finally gave up in his battle for life.

The onlookers not only refused to help him due to the overriding COVID-19 fear but did not even feel the need to inform the authorities of the government hospital. By the time a team from the hospital descended on the scene, Srinivas Babu had already lost his life.

The local people, who themselves refused to go near him when he got down from the bus, suspect he would have been forcibly offloaded from the bus taking him for a COVID-19 infected person. Even after a 108 ambulance arrived at the scene to shift his body, none of the locals showed the willingness to go near the body, obviously due to the coronavirus fears. 

But the plain truth about Srinivas Babu's condition came out much later when his family in Neredmet was informed about his untimely death. The family members informed the police that Srinivas Babu was a chronic asthma patient. His body was later shifted to the government hospital following the arrival of his family members.

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