Check Out The New Speed Limits In Hyderabad From Today

26 May, 2022 11:35 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Transport department on Wednesday issued orders fixing the maximum speed limits in Hyderabad city and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area.

As per GO MS NO 27, orders were issued to fix the speed limits based on the type of roads in the GHMC and the types of vehicles.

Under Section 112 of the Motor Vehicles Act (1988)-

The speed limit for cars is:
50 kmph on roads without dividers
60 kmph on roads with divider
30 Kmph on colony roads

The speed limit for other vehicles which include buses, autos, motorcycles, goods vehicles, etc.:
40 kmph on roads without dividers
50 kmph on roads with divider
30 kmph on colony roads

KS Sreenivas Raju Secretary R&B Department issued orders on Wednesday notifying the speed limits.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has fixed 70 kmph as the speed limit for vehicles with less than eight seats, 60 kmph for bikes, and 50 kmph for autos in cities.

The GHMC will now have to set up new signposts in all main junctions and colonies to create awareness of the new law and ensure the construction of dividers for its implementation, which would mean an additional cost in the GHMC budget.

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