Cash-Starved Telangana Govt Will Get Richer, Thanks To New Bar License Approval

10 Feb, 2021 17:28 IST|Sakshi Post

The Telangana state that has been struggling due to less cash will see some rise. The state is all set to make at least Rs 150 crore by setting up 159 new liquor bars in Telangana.

For each application, the person has to pay a sum of Rs 1 Lakh as a deposit fee. This is a non-refundable amount that every applicant must pay in order to submit the form. The deadline to submit these forms was 8th February. On the last day itself, around 5,311 applications were submitted. A total of 7,360 applications for setting up 159 bars were collected by the Government.

The government is expected to receive more than 135 crore in just one week. With the application fees, license and other documents, the state will get high revenue. As of now, the collection has crossed Rs 73 crore.

But after seeing the rush, the Prohibition and Excise department decided to extend the date till February 16. The municipalities will draw the lots on February 18th. This will decide as to where the bars will be allocated.

Out of the total 157 bars, 55 will be set up in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits and 19 in GHMC margin. Rest of the bars will be spread across various districts. This adds to the already existing bars in Telangana. As of now, the state has over 800 bars.

For the application, the applicant will have to pay Rs 1 lakh. But the license fee is mostly between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 49 lakh. With the license fee, the department is expecting to earn over Rs 63 crore.

Telangana state has earned a massive amount through the liquor sale. During lockdown, when the shops opened for a day, the sale was unbelievable. The state earns a large sum of money through liquor sales. If Telangana is Cash deprived right now, the government’s plan for new liquor bars will help with some revenue.

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